• VFD Nixie tube Display Module for Arduino

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As my QS30-1 Nixie tube module. Every section of IV-22 can work individually, and can be plugged in serial with its input and output interface on both sides. Only 4 I/O pins are needed to full control the figures and background led.
With a dozen VFD tube module in serial, we can determine figure and background led color on each module.
The decimal figure display could be: off, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
The letter diplay could be: a, b, c, d, e, f
The background led color could be: off, white, red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, magenta.
What is more, connecting OE to a controller pin with PWM capability, the brightness of module can be adjustable.
With all functions above, we can implement almost all applications with figure display: colorm, calculator, counter, temperature indicator, and so on.


1. Display with old IV-22(ИВ-22)VFD tubes with over 20 years history.
2. 12 gold-plated pins, easy to plug.
3. Serial extendibility, suitable for one-tube application and huge work like the Great Wall.
4. GRB led on board, independent color control.
5. Simple SPI interface, compatible with Arduino or other similar MCU systems.
6. 5V DC / 250 mA power consumption for each section. USB 2.0 port is capable to supply 2 sections.
7. Extra 5v out to power Arduino or the controller board.
8. Two-layer, gold-plated PCB with art tendencies.
9. Laser-cut acrylic font and back cover, with stainless-steel hex screws.
10. PCD manufactured by SMT Robot path soldering. Nice finishings.
9. Size: 50x36x45mm;
10. Weight: 75g;

All these specifications and conception got only one purpose, to help every VFD tube fan to focus his work and ideas, free of worries about the complex power supply and logical control. And with the experience of designing the QS30-1 Nixie Tube module and IV-22′s character, one PCB of 50mm x 36mm can do all the jobs.

Package List

1x VFD Nixie tube Display Module for Arduino


Guide book: https://cloud.github.com/downloads/aguegu/nixie-tube/VFD_Tube_Module_IV-22_Application_Guide_v1.0.0_EN.pdf

Arduino library: http://aguegu.net/?p=1334


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